see-through pool casts rippling visuals in this greek residence by kordas architects

May 11, 2021

within the verdant suburb of kifisia in athens, greece, kordas architects has designed a four-level residential building with a distinctive curved geometry. the design showcases an arrangement of balconies with rounded corners, that offer generous views of the urban surroundings while still preserving privacy. meanwhile, the dwelling incorporates a see-through swimming pool, which is visible from the interior through a glass wall, casting immersive rippling visuals.

kordas architects has drawn influence from the location itself, which is popular for its unique architectural heritage, as well as its dense plantations. showcasing an organic, curved volumetry, the composition develops on four levels and embraces the natural surroundings, thus integrating harmoniously within the setting. the exterior living spaces, on both the ground floor and the upper balconies, are strategically arranged to create multiple focal points and viewing angles. at the same time, the design makes sure that privacy is maintained.

the inner building core remains rational and structurally intact by the playfulness of the outer envelope. the design provides sufficient functional space for three individual three-bedroom apartments and a smaller studio at the top of the building. small ponds welcome the occupants at the entrance, while an exterior swimming pool area offers a relaxing spot. the pool is partially visible from one of the bedrooms on the lower level, with the water ripples and the blue hue generating a dream-like atmosphere.

the shape and skin of the structure aim to reconcile the natural elements with the artificial ones, while the textured plaster surfaces, the wooden details and abundant vegetation along the building’s outline, all seek to create a sense of naturalistic artifact in the scale of a real-life building. overall, the design elements, details, and the ambiance of the project as a whole, intend to serve as a unifying concept of harmonious integration of the technical creation into the natural environment.

project info:

name: residential building in kifisia  architects: kordas architects  principal architect: aristides kordas project architect: anastasis dimokas design team: athina raftopoulou