sit down in a cloud of pixels with new furniture series by miguel chevalier and A+A cooren

Sep 14, 2021

imagined by artist miguel chevalier and the designers of A+A cooren studio, ‘dans un nuage de pixels’ – ‘in a cloud of pixels’ – is a furniture collection that combines art and design. blending sober lines, pixelated patterns, and fine detailing, the pieces include a selection of stylish armchairs, a sofa as well as a savonnerie rug. conceived in 2016 and finalized in 2021, the series is one of the latest artistic furniture projects manufactured by mobilier national’s manufactories and workshops.

all images courtesy of thibaut chapotot

through this project, the creators sought to give users the opportunity to ‘sit down in a cloud of pixels’. the pattern of the rug, as well as the textile covering the furniture returns to the theme that is so dear to miguel chevalier, pioneering artist of virtual and digital art. these pixels are to him the ‘equivalent of the pictorial touch, the metaphorical image of the quantitative explosion of digital data which compels to find new ways to store the data, to see and analyze the world’. according to the french artist, the pattern also echoes the writings and the many laws drafted by the institutions of the republic where this collection of furniture shall be set.

the sober lines of the seats and table imagined by A+A cooren echo their subtle and very fine design work. according to the studio, the collection is meant to be ‘as elementary as a pixel for it to disappear in favour of the pattern’. the round and soft shapes allow for optimal comfort, while the thin legs give the feeling of being suspended in a cloud above the savonnerie.

the manufacturer of this collection is mobilier national, a french national service agency under the supervision of the french ministry of culture. its history goes back to the garde-meuble de la couronne, which was responsible for the administration of all furniture and objects in the royal residences. the mobilier national continues to administer state furniture but has also expanded from its historical role of conserving furniture to curating a modern collection. the french agency owns a collection of tens of thousands of furniture pieces and objects meant to furnish and decorate the official buildings of the republic in france and abroad. three hundred craftsmen operate within mobilier national in paris and throughout france.

project info:

name: in a cloud of pixels artist: miguel chevalier designers: A+A cooren manufacturer: mobilier national

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