SML builds an extruded triangular residential volume in south korea, according to the right of sunlight

Oct 17, 2021

seoul-based architecture studio SML in collaboration with at coom partners designed ‘soseum’, a residential project characterized by its extruded roof that takes shape as a sharp triangle. located in mapo-gu in south korea, the structure is surrounded by low-rise residential buildings made of bricks and the dangin-ri power plant, which dates back to 1930.

both the side of setback regulations in due north direction and the elevation of the building stay with a parallel plane. the architects (see more here) designed this volume to maintain the directionality that such an extending slope and a vertical wall meet together and extend it further with no interruption, creating simultaneously peaked inner space. along with the extruded opening that overlooks the surrounding scenery, triangle-shaped balconies frame a nice small open-air area where the inhabitants can enjoy the view.

the architects planned the soseum as an open elevation toward the alley. it contributes to a creation of a bright street environment by designing the elevation facing the street to be a wide window. they also designed the eave so that the sunlight can be adjusted according to the season by expanding the elevation in order to reduce the sunlight load in the summer due to the high and wide front windows.

project info:

name: SOSEUM

architect: SML(seungmo lim), at COOM PARTNERS (jongseok kim)

design team: kim jaeil, joohyeon lee, jeong je yun

location: mapo-gu, south korea

area: 152 sqm year: 2021 photography: kyungsub shin

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edited by: christina petridou | designboom