the CAKE kalk AP is a solar powered anti-poaching electric motorbike

Feb 01, 2021

swedish electric motorbike manufacturer CAKE has partnered with southern african wildlife college and solar power solutions leader goal zero to create the kalk AP, an electric motorbike for anti-poaching purposes. together, the team aims to protect endangered species from illegal hunting and capturing. contrary to general perception, one of the strongest reasons for poaching is due to poverty and the need for food among local inhabitants. areas with widespread poaching are often large, remote, and lacking roads, making patrolling by car virtually impossible.

using motorbikes is an essential part of anti-poaching in africa. today these bikes run on inaccessible gasoline and their noise warns poachers miles away, resulting in an unsustainable and inefficient plan. by utilizing CAKE’s electric off-road motorcycles, the goal is to increase efficiency in catching poachers by quietly sneaking upon them.

the CAKE kalk AP is built on the CAKE kalk platform, has a top speed of 90km/h and features a range of approximately 3 hours for an enduro-type trail. its suspension has been modified for low maintenance, using progressive rear shock and front fork with spring and no air. the drivetrain software has been modified for extreme torque and moderate top speeds, to suit different needs and demands while preventing overheating. an additional riding mode provides higher top speeds for roads or whenever needed. best part of the bike? they are completely solar-powered.

‘it is somewhat unreal how the sun and solar power, together with the technology of these silent off-road motorbikes can serve as something of a perpetual machine that works toward the general obligation of sustainability and, in this specific instance, to serve the purpose of saving species from extinction,’ said CAKE’s founder and CEO stefan ytterborn.

to continue to promote and build the fleet of motorbikes and solar power stations in africa, the initial offer is a charity combo. a limited edition of 50 bikes will be offered. all of them are uniquely marked with a number based on when they are being bought.

project info:

name: CAKE kalk AP

made by: CAKE

in collaboration with: southern african wildlife college and goal zero

If you get people to sponsor or buy the bike then have rangers use them to fight wildlife trafficking Then count me in.