the charming BMW isetta could become a real LEGO building set, with your help

Sep 16, 2021

on the LEGO ideas platform, where building block enthusiasts can freely upload their cool creations, jimmi jakobsen has presented his own proposal for a BMW isetta model. intrigued by the unusual design with only one door at the front, and the narrow distance between the rear wheels, the creator decided to reinterpret the famous car into a LEGO version which could become a real set, if it receives enough votes on the website.

all images courtesy of jimmi jakobsen

the BMW isetta was produced from 1955 to 1962. in the 1950s, when BMW was close to bankruptcy and the sale of motorcycles and luxury cars was not profitable, the isetta became a huge success and saved the company. today it’s one of the most popular vintage microcars to collect. ‘it’s not the fastest BMW, but it’s the most charming,’ says jimmi jakobsen.

the designer has used building blocks to recreate this popular model, forming an opening door with the steering wheel attached to it, so the steering wheel swings out with the door like on the real car. if you’re interested in the isetta becoming a real building block set, then you should visit the LEGO ideas website and cast your vote. the proposal (found here) will be considered for production if it gets 10,000 votes.

project info:

name: BMW isetta  designer: jimmi jakobsen

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom