the fornasetti universe goes digital in an imaginative, immersive online shopping experience

Feb 26, 2021

the fornasetti universe goes digital with the unveil of its new online shopping experience — an immersive platform that brings its witty, nostalgic, and metaphorical visual language to the digital stage. a completely renovated website presents the atelier as a novel interactive encounter, yet consistent with its nature and heritage, offering visitors an authentic manifestation of fornasetti’s historic, cultural and creative value. from furniture to porcelain, accessories and more, fornasetti makes nearly a thousand beautifully crafted products available for the first time on a single online shopping platform.

digital visitors browsing the new website are transported into the history of the fornasetti atelier, retraced step-by-step from its birth in the 1950s under the versatile and eclectic artist piero fornasetti, to the current artistic direction of his son barnaba. this legacy is intertwined with a novel online shopping experience, creating a richly poetic narrative that magically draws viewers into a dreamlike dimension. while everything is still made strictly by hand in the milanese atelier in limited annual editions, fornasetti lovers can now buy the creations from all over the world. in the same imaginative atmosphere that permeates the fornasetti stores in milan or london, visitors can browse the various sections of the site, as if meandering from one room to another, and unearth the history behind the objects and decorations.

in addition to moments that express the legacy of the fornasetti atelier, the new digital universe presents furniture, accessories, ‘tema e variazioni’ plates, table décor, home scents, and more. fornasetti furniture has the uncanny ability to transform surfaces into artistic canvases that depict parallel worlds, with decoration superimposed on the form, and the form inspiring the decoration — see the ‘palladiana’, a curved chest of drawers that bears an intricate architectural façade. accessories encompass creations that turn ordinary objects into multiple of arts — ever-guided by the principle of ‘practical madness’ — to enrich life’s moments with wonder and irony. meanwhile, the iconic portrait of lina cavalieri, which piero fornasetti dedicated an endless series of variations, are expressed in the seemingly-infinite variety of ‘tema e variazioni’ plates, with highly imaginative details and poetic ideas contributing to the ultimate pleasure of collecting them.

in undertaking this process of digital transformation, fornasetti has partnered with the level group for its expertise in business strategy in the field of e-commerce. meanwhile, the design and planning of the website’s user experience has been entrusted to frank studio, an agency known for its creative vitality.

get lost in the digital fornasetti universe and unearth a multitude of metaphorical treasures, here.

stool ‘serratura’ | silk-screened and hand-lacquered wood | diameter 38 x 46h cm curved chest of drawers ‘palladiana’ | silk-screened and hand-lacquered wood with brass legs | 100 x 56 x  86h cm chair ‘capitello corinzio’ | silk-screened and hand-lacquered wood | 40 x 40 x 95h cm chair ‘capitello jonico’ | silk-screened and hand-lacquered wood | 40 x 40 x 95h cm

project info:

fornasetti online shopping experience: here photography: pietro cocco set design: elena mora