the wind catcher by KiteX is a portable power generating wind turbine

Mar 30, 2021

copenhagen-based KiteX has unveiled the wind catcher — a professional wind turbine made from high-quality recycled filaments aimed at campers, RV users and people who want backup power for emergencies. inspired by kites, this light wind turbine uses strings to hold all the forces in the structure, while being light enough to be carried and assembled by just one person in around 15 minutes.

the wind catcher by KiteX — which comes in two versions — works in conjunction with solar panels or separately by generating power in situations when solar power is not enough. the 200W wind catcher lite is the ideal turbine for lower wind speed climates and can help run a small fridge, a few lights, your laptop or router. the 600W wind catcher delivers enough power for personal electric equipment, charge e-bikes or power tools or boiling water.

‘wind catcher is durable. it will survive mean wind speeds up to 20 m/s [45 mph] – and gusts even higher,’ said andreas okholm, creator of the wind catcher. ‘having the forces anchored through the structure and into the ground means the structure is lightweight and strong at the same time. there’s no need for foundation, heavy steel towers and metal brackets.’

the wind catcher by KiteX includes a 6 meter high, 4 meter/13 ft rotor diameter, a folding design that can be stored in it’s 200x20x20 cm / 6 ft x 6 inch x 5 inch bag, parts made from recycled plastics and uses high strength glass-fiber rods. it takes only 15 minutes to set up and is anchored with a set of high strength nylon tension belts.

project info:

name: wind catcher company: KiteX

crowdfunding campaign: here rated power: 200w (wind catcher lite, 5.5m/s), 600w (wind catcher, 7.5 m/s) weight tower + anchors: 10 kg / 22 lb voltage: 19.8-22.8v (wind catcher lite), 42.0-45.6v (wind catcher) wind speed (operational range): 2 – 15 m/s. survival: 15 -22 m/s rotational speed (max): 140 rpm hub height: 4.0 m swept area: 9.42 m^2 rotor diameter: 4.0 m anchors holding force: minimum pullout force of 40 kg / 88 lb / 392 n number of rotating blades: 3 gear ratio: 1:23.4 weather rating: rain/snow proof. electronics controller box not submersible

Price is $1,046.00

To reduce the time it takes to put it up in 2-5 minutes,get a couple of people to help you. The available wind at 5-6 metres from the ground is enough to charge your battery. Especially if you are camping, as you aren’t in that much of a hurry, and it is for light winds (which is what you get at this height). I think it is a great idea.