these hand-painted sea animal surfboards by jean jullien will bring out your inner child

Aug 19, 2021

french illustrator jean jullien has teamed up with fernand surfboards to create a series of hand-painted sea animal boards that will bring out your inner child. each of the playful pieces bears a unique animal design and it’s glassed, polished, and ready to catch some waves.

all images courtesy of @jean_jullien

jean jullien and fernand surfboards have come up with a selection of four different designs, each one showcasing a different sea animal illustration. specifically, there’s an orange fish with a meek smile, a white seal resting its flippers on its belly, a blue whale with a flipped tail, and a grey fish board that looks really similar to the orange one but has no tail. all four pieces are hand-painted straight away on the foam, before being glassed by resin league and polished by paul hyde. the resulting boards are original, fun, cute, and are guaranteed to make heads turn wherever they go.

project info:

name: sea animal surfboards designed by: jean jullien in collaboration with fernard surfboards glassed by: resin league polished by: paul hyde