this rough-hewn inclined cabin is suspended on a cliff in the italian dolomites

Oct 26, 2021

living inside of it feels like placing oneself between the lenses of a telescope seeking to frame the space, circumscribe it, and find a connection between man and the environment. ‘the bivouac fanton is a project of proportions between absolute and measure, a minute work that finds its dimension in the possibility of perceptive amplification,’  said DEMOGO (see more here).

the project is characterized by the strongly inclined silhouette that adapts itself to the orography of the marmarole. ‘a section that maintains its strong value in the internal space, becoming its generating element, organizing the internal space upwards following it along the longitudinal axis, generating an axis that connects the site and the auronzo valley.’

‘measuring oneself, measuring space, losing oneself, losing spatial dimension, finding one’s own habitat, resisting, flexing, anchoring, varying perception, extending outside, tilting, reacting, accumulating dilations and contractions, allowing oneself to be transported, disappearing in the snow, being swept by the wind, adapting as a body subjected to high altitude, becoming architecture and ceasing to be it, crushed by the greatness of an absolute landscape.’

project info:

name: new bivouac fanton designer: DEMOGO

location: belluno dolomites, italy

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edited by: christina petridou | designboom