tiny movable house on wheels reflects the minimalist nordic style

Sep 20, 2021

the entire cabin is designed to endure the harsh weather conditions in norway, leaving a minimal footprint; a black aluminum water-resistant roof tops the wooden structure and protects it from heavy snow, a double glass door shields from the sharp wind. furthermore, the designers installed laminated two-layer insulated windows that allow natural light to penetrate the interior while providing the inhabitants with sweeping views of the scenery; ‘mountains in winter, sea in summer, or salmon river in autumn.’

‘rast’ is the smallest model — about 16 sqm — of the collection, while its simple timber interior reflects the minimalistic nordic style. the entire inside is wrapped in built-in furniture that creates a functional and cozy environment. a lofting bed is nestled under the gable roof, while the living room daybed turns to a bed when necessary. the open-plan kitchen is outfitted with a compact dishwasher, and the bathroom includes a shower niche and a large rectangular window. moreover, a small table unfolds from the bottom of the lower bunk bed, offering a compact dining area. storage shelves can be found all over the interior integrated into the furniture, making the most of the space.

a sculptural staircase leads to the upper bed

project info:

name: rast

firm: norske mikrohus

designers: david and jeanette reiss-andersen

price from: around 89.000 euros

For anyone keen to buy, the cost of a ‘RAST’ starts at 890000 Norwegian Krone, not Euros. Still expensive – this converts to around £75k – but not quite as stratospheric at 890000 Euros would be! If the company wishes, I would be very happy to take one on trial to review.