toyota's old-school tacozilla camper fuses downsizing with outdoor adventure

Nov 04, 2021

the japanese automaker fuses a tacoma TRD sport pickup chassis with a custom-built micro-house, into ‘tacozilla’ 4×4 micro RV. the manufacturer offers a modernized version of the toyota campers from the 70s (built in collaboration with an RV company named chinook). celebrating the campers of the past, the design team sought to revive these retro models adding a fresh touch, responding to downsizing’s popularity at the same time.

once entering the door, the fully insulated interior looks like a micro-house with a teak sauna-style flooring. the interior includes a fully functional kitchen with amenities like a stove, sink, and fridge and a bathroom with a hot-water shower, while a 3D-printed dining table turns into a wall-art when not in use. the camper provides ample space for resting or sleeping, with a bed perched up in the alcove.

during the process, the design team decided to add a large pop-up lexan skylight to let plenty of light penetrate the interior and natural air circulation flow through. in the end, they added flashy pops of color. the finished white base coat was decorated with yellow, orange, and bronze stripes; a reminiscence of the vintage models.

the finished camper features a white base coat with accents reminiscent of the vintage yellow, orange and bronze scheme

project info:

name: tacozilla

by: toyota