triangle-shaped off-grid airbnb made from recycled materials will appeal to nature lovers

Aug 17, 2021

completely integrated into its agricultural environment, gawthorne’s hut by cameron anderson architects is a unique off-grid cabin that sits on lavender fields and beef producing farmland on the outskirts of mudgee, NSW, australia. designed to ensure the farm remains profitable and remains in the family for future generations, this 40sqm home is available for rent on airbnb.

the design by australia-based cameron anderson architects imitates existing hay sheds and blends perfectly into the landscape. the roof has an inclination of 30 ° and solar panels oriented to the north, providing the farm with electricity. the tiny cabin is directed to the north, where the greatest solar power can be stored and reused, making it sustainable and off-grid. conversely, windows and doors are located to the south to provide natural ventilation on hot days and safer insulation for cooler nights.

cameron anderson architects used pre-existing and surrounding materials of the farm as the main construction materials. the solar electric system is hidden behind a large panel and the water supply is provided by a huge tank that stores 40,000 liters of water. with solar power, battery storage, and a rainwater tank, this home is the perfect escape for those that want to go off-grid and escape the bustle of daily life.

recycled bricks and wood panels cover floors and ceilings and give the appearance of a cozy and comfortable nest to visitors. all the furniture is in wood or brick such as the headboard that is handcrafted with bricks directly from an old building on the adjoining farm. the recycled bricks also serve as separators between the inner parts. designed to be a home for guests to stay at, every detail ensures the guests are relaxed, from easy-to-locate light switches to simple appliances that don’t require instructions.

project info:

name: gawthorne’s hut

designers: cameron anderson architects

location: mudgee, NSW, australia

area: 40 sqm

photography: amber creative