VTN designs 9-meter-tall vaulted bamboo ceiling for casamia community house in vietnam

Jul 26, 2021

VTN architects has completed ‘casamia community house’ in the coastal area of cam thanh in vietnam. the building features a large thatched roof and a vaulted bamboo ceiling inspired by nipa palms, a native plant species found in cam thanh.

images by hiroyuki oki

casamia community house encompasses two levels — a partially sunken first floor and a lofty second floor. the total floor area spans 1,600 sqm (17,222.26 sqft) and the leisure-focused program includes a gym, two cafés, and a lush outdoor pool. the thatched roof dominates the long elevations to protect the building from prevailing winds while the smaller glazed façades ensure the interiors are bathed in natural light.

VTN architects chose bamboo as the main construction material due to its familiarity in vietnam as well as its acoustic advantages. bamboo structures have many layers of woven bamboo elements, making them efficient for acoustic absorption. the thatched roof also contributes to acoustic absorption, meaning inside can host social events without them becoming too noisy.

the hybrid bamboo structure features 22 arched frames of columns and trusses combined with bracing. the structure reaches almost 9 meters high and is erected on a concrete plinth.

as well as paying homage to nipa palms, the vaulted bamboo ceiling affords a larger roof span. the structure also resists horizontal forces, helping to prevent the building from central vietnam’s storms. moreover, the thatched roof combined with a layer of wire netting helps to protect the interior from external natural forces. VTN explains that casamia community house hopes to become an example of how natural materials can create durable structures lasting hundreds of years.

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project info:

name: casamia community house

program: community house

location: cam thanh village, hoi an city, quang nam province, vietnam

architecture firm: VTN architects (vo trong nghia architects)

principal architect: vo trong nghia, nguyen tat dat

design team: nguyen cong hoan, ha nguyen nhan, nguyen hai dang

bamboo contractor: VTN architects (vo trong nghia architects)

completion: january 2021

gfa: 1,600 sqm (17,222.26 sqft)

photography: hiroyuki oki