what if you could travel inside a painting? asks invasione creativa

Sep 21, 2021

what if you could travel inside a painting? and what if the vivid colors and brushstrokes of the greatest artists in history hid a real world waiting to be discovered? well, wonder no more thanks to the team at invasione creativa. using various 3D mapping techniques, the italian design studio has turned famous paintings into fully explorable landscapes.

all images by invasione creativa

with their 3D mapping techniques, the team has discovered hidden landscapes and created three-dimensional panoramas from flat paintings. the artworks are transformed and come to life, allowing you to ‘walk’ through mountains and valleys of color.

invasione creativa explored world famous works by the likes of leonardo da vinci, michelangelo, caravaggio, and edvard munch. the project aims to change perspectives and reimagine art.

project info:

name: art3 design: edoardo santamato / invasione creativa

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edited by: lynne myers | designboom