with its simple form, mainstudio's 'eagle's nest' celebrates the playfulness of camping

Oct 19, 2021

nestled among the rural landscape of lanaudière, canada, mainstudio’s ‘eagle’s nest’ is a quiet retreat. the bunkhouse, known in french as the nid d’aigle, is designed to accommodate 30 campers — the young musicians of a quebéc music camp. the project was introduced as a replacement for an outdated cottage that had occupied the same site, creating a place that is more comfortable and contemporary, while certainly maintaining the spirit of cabin architecture.

the architects at mainstudio design the eagle’s nest bunkhouse to stand out among the surrounding cluster of camp pavilions. located on a promontory with impressive mature conifers overlooking a beautiful lake, it is set apart from other facilities. the design of this mountain hut was therefore significantly shaped by the natural environment of the site.

the team notes the need to build gently among the trees — showcasing, rather than disturbing them — and to ensure an harmonious cohabitation between this nature and the visitors. the project is perched alongside a lake, celebrating views across the water and forested hills beyond. the design is divided between two main volumes, with the ‘more impressive’ of the two containing the campers’ rooms, and the other housing facilities.

in the creation of its eagle’s nest, mainstudio celebrates ‘camp’ as an immersive retreat from the real world. with this in mind, the team offers a shelter that echoes the imagination of childhood. the simplicity of the volume recalls the key principles that characterize the hut as it is drawn by children — a few vertical lines that represent the walls, a triangle representing the roof, and details that suggest doors and windows.

the oversized roof, a core element that rises from the forest, is also part of the materialization of this playful, almost imaginary world. the sober and monochromatic exterior materiality allows highlighting the form and the singularity of the building’s dimensions.

the oversized roof is a core element that rises from the forest

‘eagle’s nest’ is divided between two main volumes

project info:

project title: the eagle’s nest architecture: mainstudio lead architect: robert lavoie contractor: GMI construction photography: félix michaud | @michaudfelix_photo