Kader Attia, winner of the 2016 Marcel Duchamp Prize

Non classé enThe jury for the Prix Marcel Duchamp 2016 convened on Tuesday, the 18th of October 2016 following the presentation of the works of the four nominated artists – Kader Attia, Yto Barrada, Ulla von Brandenburg and Barthélémy Toguo – by the four reporters designated by the artists: Omar Berrada, Dr. Clémentine Deliss, Jean de Loisy and Roger Malbert.The Prix Marcel Duchamp 2016 has been awarded to Kader Attia Kader Attia has been chosen by the Prix Marcel Duchamp jury as the winner of the 2016 edition. The ambition of his intention as well as the diversity of his approach and practices and the great relevance of his work have convinced the members of the Jury. Combining continuous reflection on the opposition between individual and collective consciousness using the metaphor of loss that is embodied by the notion of the “phantom limb” in his current practice, Kader Attia leads us to a personal reflection on the situation of a world more divided than ever. By way of a labyrinth bringing together the most diverse forms of representation and attempting to stitch together the fragments of an atrophied world, Kader Attia proposes a portrait of the artist as bonesetter and healer.Bernard Blistène, President of the juryI am delighted by the new dynamic given to the Prix Marcel Duchamp this year by the ADIAF and the Centre Pompidou. I warmly congratulate Kader Attia on this award. I really appreciate his work. I particularly have in mind one of his works, Ghost, conserved in the Centre Pompidou’s collections and currently on show in the Centre Pompidou Malaga. With that prescience so often signing major works, in 2007 Kader Attia had fixed a vision that was to be cruelly embodied in our collective history over these last few years: a vision of the vast migratory phenomenon affecting our Mediterranean world today. Art sometimes has that talent of premonition, that capacity to grasp the vibrations of a world in mutation. Kader Attia’s work has that fascinating power. I would also like to express my great admiration for the other three nominated artists also exhibited in the Centre Pompidou, whose works show the diversity, depth and power of the artistic scene in France.Serge Lasvignes, President of the Centre PompidouI wish to salute an exceptional artist by reason of his natural generosity and breadth of vision.Thank-you to the Centre Pompidou for this first exhibition of the four artists nominated for the Prix Marcel Duchamp testifying to the vitality of our French scene.Gilles Fuchs, President of the ADIAF.More info : ADIAF-Kader Attia, winner of the 2016 Marcel Duchamp Prize