Summer 2017: The Marcel Duchamp Prize takes a trip with three summertime exhibitions

Non classé enTHE MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE /THE MOST FOREIGN COUNTRY Fondation Fernet-Branca until the 8TH of October 2017 with the first exhibition dedicated to the women artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize 2, rue du Ballon, 68300 Saint-Louis/AlsaceFeaturing: Farah ATASSI (nominated 2013), Yto BARRADA (nominated 2016), Maja BAJEVIC (nominated 2017), Valérie BELIN (nominated 2004), Carole BENZAKEN (winner 2004), Rebecca BOURNIGAULT (nominated 2000), Valérie FAVRE (nominated 2012), Joana HADJITHOMAS (nominated 2017), Valérie JOUVE (nominated 2002), Charlotte MOTH (nominated 2017), Zineb SEDIRA (nominated 2015), Anne-Marie SCHNEIDER (nominated 2010) and Ulla von BRANDENBURG (nominated 2016) Curator: Alicia KnockLocated at Saint Louis in Alsace, in 2004 the former distillery of the famous bitter herb liqueur “Fernet Branca” became a leading contemporary art centre in the tri-national cultural network created around Basel in the heart of this symbolic triangle between France, Switzerland and Germany. On the invitation of its Director Pierre-Jean Sugier, the Fondation Fernet-Branca is hosting the first exhibition dedicated to the women artists honoured by the Marcel Duchamp Prize THE MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE/PAYSAGES DU MONDE Espace Musées at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport: the winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize present their vision of the world until the 16th of January 2018 Terminal 2 E, Hall MFeaturing: Mathieu MERCIER (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2003), Carole BENZAKEN (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2004), Claude CLOSKY (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2005), Cyprien GAILLARD (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2010), Laurent GRASSO (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2008), Thomas HIRSCHHORN (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2000), Tatiana TROUVÉ (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2007), Latifa ECHAKHCH (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2013) and Melik OHANIAN (Marcel Duchamp Prize 2015). Curator: Serge LemoineEspace Musées is hosting contemporary creation at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Around the theme “Paysages du monde” (World landscapes), Serge Lemoine, cultural and scientific adviser to Espace Musées, shows a selection of 9 works created by the winners of the prestigious Marcel Duchamp Prize, a tremendous showcase of French contemporary creation for the thousands of travellers who transit this international terminal.THE MARCEL DUCHAMP PRIZE/HIGH-TENSION In Beijing at the RED BRICK ART MUSEUM until 27th of August 2017: A look at the French scene with 8 winners from the Marcel Duchamp Prize In partnership with the French Embassy in China end thr Institut FrançaisFeaturing: Kader ATTIA (winner 2016), Latifa ECHAKHCH (winner 2013), Cyprien GAILLARD (winner 2010), Dominique GONZALEZ-FOERSTER (winner 2002), Laurent GRASSO (winner 2008), Mathieu MERCIER (winner 2003), Julien PRÉVIEUX (winner 2014) and Tatiana TROUVÉ (winner 2007). Curator: Alfred Pacquement assisted by Daphné MalletOrganized within the context of the 12th edition of the Croisements Festival, HIGH-TENSION brings together eight of the winning artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize, all of them strongly committed to their uncompromising approach to today’s world. A sensitive and sometimes critical approach that takes into consideration the circulation of information, the impact of new technologies, urban developments and the memory of warring conflicts … High-tension, meaning a refusal of neutrality coming from artists in debate with contemporary society and its contradictions. Here, art is message, reflection and field of investigation. But also, High-tension meaning the transmission of energy: by manipulating images or constructing imaginary spaces, these artists show us a high voltage world; a world reinvented yet founded on reality and imbued with poetry.