The Marcel Duchamp Prize in China

Non classé enHIGH-TENSION Exhibitions – A look at the French scene with eight winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize :Exhibitions in Beijing and Canton, organized by the ADIAF, Association for the International Diffusion of French Art, With the support of the French Embassy in China and the Institut Français, within the context of the 12th edition of the Croisements Festival.Kader ATTIA (winner 2016), Latifa ECHAKHCH (winner 2013), Cyprien GAILLARD (winner 2010), Dominique GONZALEZ-FOERSTER (winner 2002), Laurent GRASSO (winner 2008), Mathieu MERCIER (winner 2003), Julien PRÉVIEUX (winner 2014) and Tatiana TROUVÉ (winner 2007). Curator: Alfred PACQUEMENT, Daphné MALLET, assistantHonouring some 70 artists since its creation in 2000, the Marcel Duchamp Prize offers a wide panorama of the various trends of contemporary art in France. The organization of the exhibitions of the artists honoured by this collector’s prize throws invaluable light on the current energy and vitality of the French scene. The ADIAF can be credited with fifty or so exhibitions, including about 15 worldwide. Empowered by the prize’s international renown and the new impetus gained in 2016, the ADIAF is going on world tour again. Five major events are programmed for the first half of 2017- including two major exhibitions in China in Beijing and Canton, organized with the support of the French Embassy in China and the Institut Français, within the context of the 12th edition of the Croisements festival.The HIGH-TENSION exhibition (Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing) and HIGH-TENSION 2 (Times Museum, Canton) brings together eight of the winning artists from the Marcel Duchamp Prize, strongly committed to their uncompromising approach to today’s world. A sensitive and sometimes critical approach that takes into consideration the circulation of information, the impact of new technologies, urban developments and the memory of warring conflicts… High-tension, meaning a refusal of neutrality coming from artists in debate with contemporary society and its contradictions. Here, art is message, reflection and field of investigation. But also, High-tension meaning the transmission of energy: by manipulating images or constructing imaginary spaces, these artists show us a high voltage world; a world reinvented yet founded on reality and imbued with poetry.Curator of the exhibition: Alfred Pacquement Alfred Pacquement is an art historian and museum curator. He has been the Director of the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume, Delegate to the Plastic Arts, Director of the Ecole nationale des Beaux- Arts de Paris and of the Musée national d’art modern, Centre Pompidou from 2000 to 2013. He is the curator of numerous exhibitions, some of the most recent being Richard Serra in Doha, Takis in the Palais de Tokyo, ‘Invitation au Voyage’ in the Centrale, Brussels (with the ADIAF), Lee Ufan, Anish Kapoor and Olafur Eliasson at the Château de Versailles as well as Alexander Calder, Joan Miro and Giuseppe Penone in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. The author of many catalogue introductions and monographies, he is Honorary Director of the Musée national d’art modern.BEIJING: RED BRICK ART MUSEUM 27 May to 27 August 2017 CANTON: TIMES MUSEUM 3 June to 27 July 2017More : ADIAF-The 2017 Marcel Duchamp Prize in China – 2017 Exhibitions[raw][layerslider id=”20″][/raw]