Venice Gap-Financing Market Projects Selected

23 June 2020

Venice Gap-Financing Market

The 7th edition of the Venice Gap-Financing Market (September 4 - 6, 2020), organised as part of the Venice Production Bridge, will take place during the forthcoming 77th Venice International Film Festival and will offer selected European and international projects the opportunity to close their international financing, through one-to-one meetings with international decision-makers.

The 3-day Venice Gap-Financing Market will present 55 projects from around the world in the final stages of development and funding. More than 270 project applications have been received from around the world and the selection reflects the great diversity backgrounds, content and viewpoints, aesthetics and budgets of the projects submitted for consideration.

The selection is divided as follows:
• 28 feature-length Fiction Film and Documentary projects
• 12 Virtual Reality Immersive Story projects
• 12 Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality projects
• 3 Biennale College Cinema projects

The Venice Gap-Financing Market is thus setting up one-to-one meetings between the teams (producer and director) of the 55 projects and top industry decision-makers (Producers, Private and Public Financiers, Banks, Distributors, Sales Agents, TV Commissioners, Internet and Video-platforms, Institutions, Post-Production Companies…).

The Book of Projects, detailing each project, will therefore be emailed to professionals from the film industry, to entitle them to request 30-minute one-to-one meetings with the teams of the selected projects through the Venice Production Bridge website. 

Thanks to the Venice Production Bridge website, the VPB Office will support the teams and the registered professionals in organizing tailor-made meetings.

28 selected Fiction and Documentary projects

Fiction Films: 22 projects for feature-length fiction films (17 from Europe and 5 international), that need to complete their funding package with minority shares in the co-production, having at least 70% of the funding in place.

Documentaries: 6 projects (all from Europe) for narrative or creative documentaries (fulfilling the same requirements as the fiction films above).

12 Virtual Reality Immersive Story projects

12 VR Immersive Story projects (10 from Europe and 2 international), including fiction, documentary, animation film and other interactive installation based experiences. The projects include both original concept and adaptations. All projects have secured 30% of their budget and have this financing in place.

12 Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality projects

11 projects, that have been developed during the workshop of Biennale College Cinema VR, 4th edition, plus 1 project from the 3rd edition, and that have reached different stages of development, pre-production and post-production.


From the 3rd edition:

3 Biennale College Cinema projects

3 projects, that have been developed during the first workshop of Biennale College Cinema, 8th edition, and that have reached different stages of development and pre-production.

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